Indoor plants poisonous to dog

Indoor plants poisonous to dog

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Indoor plants poisonous to dog/cats

I don't know how long this has been going on, I just know it's getting worse every day. The house is almost 100% carpet, with the exception of the bedroom. Every morning when I go to the bedroom to feed the dogs, I hear them meowing, I think they're trying to let me know that they need to go outside. But they don't want to go out and go outside, they just try to meow the entire time. They don't eat or drink properly either, they have kidney stones and that's causing the meowing. The meowing has become so bad that they sometimes don't even want to go outside when it's time to go out. It's almost like they know they're going to get poisoned.

I keep asking them to go outside, but they won't, they won't let me help them or pet them or talk to them. They'll just sit there and meow. They were in our bedroom once before this happened and they've only gotten worse since then.

So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I could do. I feel like it's getting worse and worse and I can't do anything about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Indoor plants poisonous to dog/cats

I too have found some of my best answers by reading the forum.

The problem is most likely in the house, specifically in the carpet. After an argument my dog was chewing the carpet and developed an infection. He had a lot of white pus around his mouth. The vet said the problem was the carpet (specifically that he ate it). And I had to get the carpet pulled out. I have read on other forums that some carpet is deadly to dogs, especially to dogs that have not been properly vaccinated.So make sure you are vaccinating your dog and are doing other preventative care on his routine.

I know that most people here think cats and dogs can live together (just like they are some times). But I think you need to read up on some information as to the basics of cats and dogs, especially in regards to the types of food they need. Cats are carnivores and need meat. Dogs are omnivores and need meat, vegetables, and grains (as well as certain vitamins). There are different brands of cat food and dog food that are balanced to the needs of both cats and dogs. But because of the way cats eat, you need to make sure your cat is eating whole prey. To make matters worse, there is a higher risk of food poisoning from cats eating contaminated food.

You also want to make sure that your pet is getting enough exercise. They need to get up and move around. Dogs are naturally very territorial and will try to keep their territory. But they do not like other dogs on their territory. So a 10 lb dog needs a little more territory. Try to figure out a play area where your dog can have some space and get some exercise. You could buy one of those play pens for him. Or make it in your basement or laundry room and see if he will like it.

Another thing you might want to consider is getting your dog or cat a collar that has an ID tag in it. I know my dog and cat are always inside the house, but we keep the tags on them. If they go outside and get lost, they will at least have some form of identification on them. A GPS collar is also another option.

A really good thing to do is go outside in the yard and play. Cats and dogs play a lot, especially together. I used to go to the dog park a lot. Dogs have a lot in common with cats, so they can bond with cats easily. If you have a cat that you want to bond with, see if you can let them go outside together. It really is a good thing to get your pets to exercise.

I am also worried about the household since this is my first baby.I know cats and dogs will eat poisonous plants but it never really crossed my mind that it was possible for indoor plants to do this. When I feed the cats I give them dry food, the same stuff that I feed the dogs. They have been eating fine up to now but the last two days they haven't been eating at all. I think I'm going to have to remove the plants so that the dogs don't eat them.

I was wondering what you all thought about the idea of getting a cat. If my husband and I can't figure out what's wrong with them, then getting a cat may be the answer.

I have a Yorkie. And my friends told me about allergies, but my dog doesn't seem to be allergic to anything. He doesn't show symptoms of allergies. He also doesn't seem to be aggressive, he likes to run and play. I would really like to have another dog that I can interact with, but they are very expensive and they don't have the same stamina.

I just recently took my first step and got my husband involved in the process of finding the right dog for us.

So any thoughts or ideas on getting a cat would be appreciated.

Answer:Indoor plants poisonous to dog/cats

Hi Brandi, you can't simply take a cat and put him in the house with a dog. You'll both be very unhappy. I don't know anything about Yorkies, but my cats and dogs have never mixed well. It seems to me that the best thing to do is have a neutered male cat. They are very much alike as far as temperament and won't fight.

Don't make a decision about a cat because your friends tell you that all cats and dogs get along. You will be disappointed when you get your cat. It's a totally different situation.

And a neutered male cat is a safe way to go. Once you get a male cat with a neutered female, then you will see that they can get along pretty well.

Does your husband know anything about cats? Do you know anything about cats? Because I'm guessing you don't know anything about cats and your husband has