Palm plant care brown leaves

Palm plant care brown leaves

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Palm plant care brown leaves

Healthy palms look great. To keep them healthy, cut back on direct sun, water infrequently, and provide adequate foliage screening. See these palm care tips to learn more about how you can care for your palms effectively.

You need a palm to be part of a well-balanced, low maintenance landscape. While the immediate payoff for watering these palms and, as a result, keeping your garden well-watered, isn’t great, the benefits of water in these landscapes are many.

In the spring, summer, and early fall, your landscape needs sufficient water to maintain soil temperatures within the defensible zone for plant growth. However, if too much water is applied at these times, the risk of root rot and other problems increase.

The very first rule of palm care is to keep them free of dead and diseased foliage.


To see palms in our landscape, you must first choose a site with the proper conditions for them. Well-drained soil, full sun and shelter from winds are essential for palm survival. There are many ways to determine if your site has the necessary sun exposure and drainage, and a good resource for choosing the best palms for your site can be found here.

Do Not Forget, You Need Proper Planting

If you choose a tree that is too large for your space, you may find that it will shed its leaves or die in the spring.

If you want to add interest to the front of your home, a larger palm or a mixed planting of palms and shrubs in your landscape can be a great way to do so.

Ponds and Irrigation Watering

Most plants need to be watered three to four times per week during the summer. Generally, palms are also watered in the same amount of time.However, when considering what to put your palm in, think about its most effective watering schedule. In many instances, the recommended irrigation rate is too high.

Watering your palms is the most important aspect of palm care, but there are other methods of watering to consider. If you want to control your irrigation system, ask your local nursery if they can help you with this. If your palms are to be part of an established landscaping design, it is important that you choose the right irrigation system for your landscape.

There are two major types of irrigation systems that can be used for your landscape: Submersible and Dry-Filters.

Submersible Irrigation Systems

Submersible irrigation systems consist of a water reservoir attached to the head system, which is connected to your sprinkler heads. Water pressure from the sprinkler heads creates suction in the reservoir, causing the water to flow out of the head into the landscape. If you are going to use a submersible irrigation system, you will want to get the system that requires the least amount of pressure for your landscape. Too much pressure on your landscape may result in frequent trips to the nursery for new parts, increased maintenance costs, and damage to the landscape.

Dry-Filter Irrigation Systems

A dry-filter irrigation system can also be a great option for watering your palm landscape. A dry-filter system contains a network of underground tubing, and a valve which controls how much water comes out of the valve, as well as how much you can use at one time.

If you choose to use a dry-filter irrigation system, you will want to use a properly installed system. Ask your irrigation system installer or a nursery if they have installed systems in your area before buying. It is also good practice to check the height of your sprinkler heads on your irrigation system, so you can determine how well the system functions before you decide to place your palms.

Getting Help

The information on this page will help you understand the need for irrigation in your landscape, what system to choose and how to install a new irrigation system if it is recommended for your situation. The irrigation system installation manual, available at, will help you understand how to properly use your irrigation system.

Thinking about your palm landscape may mean thinking about landscape design and landscape maintenance.

In landscaping, the last thing you want is a landscape that needs constant care and maintenance. However, if you find yourself thinking about your landscape and the need for maintenance or the lack thereof, you may be thinking about landscape design.

For a great Palm Landscape, You Need Four Criteria

One of the most important aspects of planting the right palms for your landscape is the time they will take to develop. This is because many plants take time to grow, and you want to be patient if you choose palms that will need a considerable amount of time for them to grow.

Another component of your landscape is shade and water. The size and location of the spaces you have available, along with where you