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Horticulture for marijuana

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Okanagan College is now offering cannabis training courses that provide unique insights into the emerging industry of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Learn about the regulatory policies and business opportunities in this unfolding market, investment strategies for individual investors and best practices in pest management for cannabis production. For questions: , select Vernon campus csnorth okanagan. For many Cannabis Professionals today, promoting their products and entrenching their brands in the Canadian Cannabis marketing sphere can be an uphill battle. View schedule for course.

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  • Cultivation 101: Cannabis Horticulture
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  • Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible (Paperback)
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It was never my goal to get into the cannabis industry. I am a gardener. Big time. I spent ten years at an entirely conventional, mainstream lifestyle magazine, rising through the ranks and ultimately becoming the head of the garden department.

I enjoyed perks like traveling to Alaska to report on a boom in peony farming. I had a test garden at my fingertips—a place to get dirty while playing with small-scale design and whatever I felt like planting that season.

It was the dream job.My predecessor held it for forty years, and I was game to do the same. But all bets are off when private equity buys the joint. Suddenly, just a few years after my crowning, I was canned. Desperate to keep writing about gardens, I reached out to all my former editors. One had landed as the managing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. It was late , and new legislation legalizing recreational cannabis selling and growing was about to go into effect.

She told me she wanted me to grow weed in my yard and document it as a gardener. From a horticultural perspective, the curiosity piqued quickly.

Non-cannabis people might be surprised to learn how rare that is in the plant world. I slowly set out to find a circle of mentors who could lead the way. I was worried people would say I was a day late and a dollar short, that they would see me as a late-coming hack trying to get in at the eleventh hour. And, indeed, it took a while to find the right people. I was astonished by how little budtenders were willing to share about cannabis cultivation. Keep in mind: This was the only legal place for me to get seeds or clones, and the people selling them were offended by me asking how to grow them.

In the rest of the gardening world, nursery workers are all too eager to share their knowledge and bond over a love of plants. Weed is different, though, to say the least.

I had to wonder whether many actually lacked knowledge about outdoor cultivation. Were they gardeners? I found my way. Diehard seed breeders and the folks at my local mom-and-pop hydroponic store came to the rescue. I found my nerds. My plant people. The people who also call them cultivars, not strains okay, not always, but sometimes. The smells, the bizarre flowers—all of it. There was often more information about what a cultivar will do to you than how it will perform in the garden.

Having one book under my belt, I decided to go for it and write a book about cultivating weed—a fuss-free, all-outdoor approach to growing the plant outside in the garden—my second. I would make it beautiful. It would be how Martha Stewart would grow weed. She ultimately agreed to blurb the back cover—a total pipe dream come true. I got to know outdoor pot growers from all around the country—Vermont to Arizona to Oregon. And several fieldtrips to Humboldt significantly deepened my commitment to getting the story right.

No longer timid—an outsider nervous about being accepted—I was here to clean things up. Stop saying strains. It just… happens. I still get to write about peony collectors and fancy-pants gardens. Still big-time. I continue growing weed in my backyard. I want to grow different terpene profiles and get my hands on seeds from far-flung places. I want to see the diversity in this magical species. Johanna Silver is a James Beard Award-winning author who writes mostly about plants and people.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Johanna Silver enjoys time in her cannabis garden. Photo: Rachel Weill. Stay in the know. Sign up now for mg's email products! Cannabis Industry News. The Return of Meadowlands.

Oregon Agriculture

Never before has the cultivation of a plant received so much media attention. Never before has one plant genus had so much market potential. Never before has there been so much interest in horticulture technology, skills and know-how. Several already have.

Marijuana Horticulture (The Bible) greenhouses and outdoor growing, medicinal cannabis, security, lighting, fertilisers, hydroponics, Sea of Green.

Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp Production

The Certified Cannabis Horticulture Specialist CCHS certification exam prepares individuals for a career in the cannabis horticulture industry as a cannabis professional.Attaining national certification communicates to employers and clients that individuals are committed to providing the highest level of standards in the Cannabis profession. A Certified Cannabis Horticulture Specialist CCHS manages grow operations from planting and cloning to crop nutrition, pest management, grow-house technology, and staffing. Our practice exams consist of approximately 30 questions that are randomly selected from the actual certification exam test bank. The practice exams are broken down into 2 separate exams that can be taken up to 3 times each. This gives you a total of 6 exams to help prepare you for certification. We highly recommend all students take a few practice exams. This helps them to understand the test-taking process and prepares them for certification by giving actual certification questions!

Cultivation 101: Cannabis Horticulture

Cancel anytime. This is an excellent guide for beginners and professionals alike on the indoor cultivation of marijuana for personal use using hydroponics and soil. It brings to you the simple techniques and methods needed to have a thriving sanctuary for your cannabis plants and produce plants with potent buds and massive amounts of resins! Cultivating your cannabis indoors gives you the opportunity to monitor its growth and make adjustments to the environmental conditions that will significantly stimulate the growth of the plant.

Cannabis agriculture is a complex but rewarding process; one that takes insightful understanding to achieve successful results. This program provides both novice and experienced growers with the accurate information needed to effectively engage in cannabis production, management and cultivation.

Vyhledávání „marijuana horticulture“ (17)

Cannabis agriculture is a complex but rewarding process. One that takes insightful understanding to achieve successful results.This for-credit Specialized Study Program provides both novice and experienced growers with the accurate information needed to effectively engage in cannabis production, management, and cultivation. In the past, cannabis horticulture has been stigmatized, with a lack of industry standards resulting in misinformation. An in-depth introduction to cannabis, across history, culture and industry. Topics range from botany to business practices, including Cannabis Law and Policy, FDA regulation, and the many challenges that successful cannabis businesses face.

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

Don't have an account? Of the many plants used by the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis is perhaps the only major one grown indoors. This multicomponent medicine contains a range of secondary metabolites, including the cannabinoids. By growing the plants in optimized uniform conditions, as outlined here, a consistent ratio of ingredients can be achieved. This chapter describes the morphology of the cannabis plant with specific emphasis on the trichomes, which produce the pharmaceutically important secondary metabolites. The possible natural function of these trichomes is debated. The growth of the plant in a natural outdoor setting, and in an indoor controlled environment, is compared, and newly emerging autoflowering plants described. The effect of contrasting growing conditions on plant morphology and secondary metabolite content is discussed.

Learn the entire process of cannabis production from seed, clone, or transplant to harvest and handling of the final Horticulture Tuition, $

Marijuana Horticulture (The Bible)

The certain health benefits associated with cannabis are widely known, but when it comes to growing it most people don't know where to start. In this book, you will have a better understanding of the difference between indoor and outdoor marijuana cultivation and how to start seeds in each of the systems listed above.You will learn how best to take care of your marijuana plant, including how to determine if it is a female or a male plant so that you can get the most of your harvest.

Cannabis Horticulture

Expanded and completely rewritten with information on grow rooms, greenhouses and outdoor growing, medicinal cannabis, security, lighting, fertilisers, hydroponics, Sea of Green, seeds, seedlings, vegetative growth, mother plants, cloning, flowering, harvesting and curing, diseases, pests and hash making. More than full colour photos and drawings illustrate every detail and numerous simple cultivation solutions make for easy appeal to novice Read Full Overview. Skip to content. Search Button.

Cannabis-based products, including hemp-derived cannabidiol CBD , are marketed as improving health, but few regulations exist to ensure product quality.

Growing Marijuana: Advanced Cannabis Growing Tips to become an expert on Horticulture

The bar for entry-level positions is moving higher as marijuana companies grow so fast it is no longer practical to train workers new to the industry. Growers and dispensaries increasingly want employees with academic training. The result: More colleges are starting to offer, for lack of a better term, a degree in growing marijuana. We need them now. Often, they have not worked with the plant at all.

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible (Paperback)

With rapidly expanding state legalization of marijuana programs across the U. Even the most skilled legacy growers are discovering that it can be difficult and costly to scale old production methods to commercial levels. By turning to traditional horticulture, cannabis growers are learning about proven tools and practices that increase growing precision, improve operational efficiencies and decrease production costs. Vegetable and ornamental growers study production costs and work to produce high-quality crops with tightly managed inputs and processes.