A Newborn Lamb Gets a Second Chance at Life

A Newborn Lamb Gets a Second Chance at Life

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Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary in Australia, received an unexpected gift in the middle of the night of June 3, 2015: a newborn lamb, dropped off at the mission’s door.

“Judging by the terrible condition she was in and the smell of the filth that covered her, she was either born on a livestock transport or stockyard,” says Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission said, according to “She appears to have been trampled by other sheep and she was covered in urine and excrement, with her umbilical cord still dripping blood. She was definitely a newborn and more than likely missed out on her mother’s life-saving colostrum.”

The staff worked quickly, cleaning the little lamb up and keeping her warm with blankets. They gave her colostrum and let the world know she was with them in a post on their website that read, “[L]ittle Grace appeared at our barn door along with the words, ‘Can you please save this little lamb?’ Born only hours before, into the most inhospitable of worlds and bathed in excrement, freezing temperatures could not dampen this wee lamb’s will to live. However given all her setbacks, it will indeed be amazing if she survives. Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to ensure she does. Welcome little Grace.”

Little Grace has since grown stronger, and continues to do so daily. Check out these photos from the Edgar’s Mission Facebook page:

Isn’t she cute?

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