An Art Show Dedicated to Ybor Chickens

An Art Show Dedicated to Ybor Chickens

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PHOTO: Kenny Coogan

Artist Lynn Rattray is so captivated by the population of wild chickens that live in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood (see our main story about Ybor City here) with the support of many residents that she had an art show titled “Chicken Dance … Ybor Style.”

The exhibition, which happened in February 2018, included dozens of portraits, each labeled with the bird’s name. She told patrons how to identify each one based on feather pattern and personality. She donated part of the sales to the Ybor Chickens Society.

Below are some of Rattray’s work from that exhibition and the names of the chickens portrayed. Visit Rattray’s website to see more of her artwork.

The Colonel



King Arthur


Maisie Mae


The Sentinel: Chicken Pants

This story originally appeared in the November/December 2018 issue of Chickens magazine.

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