Dreaming of Dandelions

Dreaming of Dandelions

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  • Offer a bouquet to your bunnies, goats, sheep, or horses.
  • Peel stem into long, vertical strips from the bottom, toss dandelion in water, watch strips curl. Very cool for kids.
  • Hold flower close to chin, see chin turn yellow (also cool for kids).
  • Toss young leaves into salads, or stir-fry in olive oil and garlic with other greens.
  • Make delicious dandelion flower fritters (Yum! See page 15 of May/June 2009 Hobby Farm Home for a recipe).
  • Gather lots of flower fluff to make dandelion jelly or wine.
  • My fondest dandelion dream goes like this: I gather my untamed beauties in bunches and sit on the deck in the sunshine, plucking fluffy petals to the tune of humming bumble bees and trilling song sparrows.

    I cook up a batch of delicately-scented dandelion jelly and pour it into jars, where it shines like morning sun-rays. Then I bake up some scones, spread the sweet golden jelly on top, and savor every bite of spring.

    Any other dandelion lovers out there?

    Happy spring!
    ~ Cherie

    Watch the video: ruth b. - dandelions. lyrics (June 2022).


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