Gifts of a Productive Garden

Gifts of a Productive Garden

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Photo by Jessica Walliser
I need to pot up some culinary sage for my friends.

The vegetable garden is looking good! The lettuce is nearly ready to harvest, the carrots are an inch high, the chard is developing its first true leaves, and the cole crops are growing like weeds. I have been harvesting some green onions the past week—last year’s planting overwintered and have been tasty additions to salads and burritos.

The herb garden needs a bit of attention, and I have promised myself I will get to it this week. I desperately need to divide the oregano and thyme; it seems they need to be separated nearly every year as they grow so quickly. I have about a million bronze fennel and borage seedlings coming up in the garden so I need to dig those out, as well. I will be sharing them with friends for sure rather than tossing them onto the compost pile. They are great plants and I love sprinkling the borage blossoms on salads and the beneficial insects are especially interested in the fennel flowers.

My culinary sage is also in need of some attention. The stems have rooted wherever they meet the soil and so I need to disconnect them from the mother plant and pot them up for friends, too. I think the only plant in there that doesn’t need to be divided are the chives. They stay in a lovely little clump, and as long as I deadhead them, they don’t seed everywhere. They are in full bud right now—I suspect they’ll be flowering by the time next week arrives.

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