Grove Ecosystem Lets You Grow A Salad In Your Home

Grove Ecosystem Lets You Grow A Salad In Your Home

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Living in a city does not provide much space for gardens. It’s great if you have a house with a large backyard, but that’s not the case for many city dwellers. If you’re confined to apartment living or have a townhouse, condo or house with not enough backyard space for a garden, you’re limited on options. However, engineers from MIT have designed an option for you. And it’ll fit right inside your home.

The Grove Ecosystem is an indoor garden that you can control with your phone. It allows for fresh produce and herbs year-round, no matter what climate you live in. The Grove Ecosystem has LED grow lights, sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, a large main gardening bed, a greens and seedling bed, a tool storage and a self-cleaning aquarium. That’s right; this indoor garden is powered by aquaponics.

Take a look at how it works:

Controlling your indoor garden with your phone means you can customize the plant settings, you’ll have full ecosystem control, you’ll be able to diagnose the health of your plants and more, including setting your garden to vacation mode.

Currently the Grove Ecosystem is seeking funding on Kickstarter. At press time, the project had earned $272,726 of its $100,000 goal. Not bad, especially when there are still 28 days to go. Backers get various perks depending on how much is pledged, including a Grove Ecosystem of your own for $2,700, $2,900 or $3,200. According to Kickstarter, the expected retail price is $4,500.

To learn more about the Grove Ecosystem indoor garden or to back the project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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