Grow Fruit In Every Season [Infographic]

Grow Fruit In Every Season [Infographic]

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PHOTO: Phil Romans/Flickr

If you’re balancing farm work with other things, like an off-farm job or family responsibilities, it can help to put certain key crops in place so that you can reap a harvest without minimal input. Fruit trees and shrubs are surefire ways to ensure an onslaught of farm-fresh fare year after year, and if you plan your selection right, you can be harvesting fruit in all four seasons.

The infographic below details fruits that can add a boost to your farm gleanings. Some of our favorites include:

  • apple trees
  • peach trees
  • elderberries
  • dwarf citrus
  • strawberries
  • blueberries

Whether you decide to plant a full orchard or integrate these crops into a permaculture-style system, you’re sure to be rewarded. However, keep in mind that even though you don’t need to start fruit trees or shrubs from seed each year, they will require a bit of maintenance. We recommend printing and posting this graphic in your garden work area to remind you of each fruit’s maintenance requirements.

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