Happy Holidays, From My Brood to Yours

Happy Holidays, From My Brood to Yours

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Photo by Jessica Walliser

With the holidays fast approaching, life is more hectic than ever. I’ve been busy getting everything together: doing a little shopping, wrapping far too many gifts, baking cookies, sending last-minute cards and making Christmas crafts with my son. In the rush that is the season, I headed out to the backyard to feed the chickens. I took the camera with me intending to take some shots of them scratching around the hen yard. As I was standing below the garden, I looked up and saw my beautiful little dog sitting there, looking so prim and proper—something she surely isn’t! She, rather than the hens, ended up being the subject of my photographs and was happy to oblige by posing for several sweet shots.

Although pets can be a challenge sometimes, they are indeed part of the family. It’s hard to believe she is 12 years old already. We lost our other dog last year and I really miss him, especially when I am working in the garden. Both were shelter dogs that we adopted as adults. Both spent their puppy-hood someplace that wasn’t very nice. They both had “issues” with their behavior over the years as a result. But when I look at her sweet face and graying muzzle, I am reminded of what a blessing good pets can be to your family.

Happy holidays to you and your families—both human and animal.

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